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Monday 3 April 2017

Citizen No.?

   At this point of course he hasn’t got a number, but it must have been quite a shock for him when he pulled up the blinds and looked out upon The Village for the first time. But I suppose he’s not unique in that, that the shock and the reaction is much the same for any new arrival. But he’ll soon get used to it. He’ll find out that escape is not possible, so there will not be the need to struggle against his new surroundings. He might just as well get used to it, as those before him have done, and as those who are still to come will do.
    The Village can be a very nice place, in fact for many it is. At times it’s just like a holiday resort, somewhere different, somewhere quiet where a man can think. Just the place for a man who has just resigned from his job, and is wondering what to do next. Well if he hadn’t been abducted to The Village, that ‘A’ chap might have got to him first, and then ZM73 might well have found himself in another country somewhere behind the Iron Curtain perhaps, then life for him would have been made extremely difficult, and far less pleasant. Physical torture, mind manipulation, brainwashing. Others wouldn’t be so bothered about using extreme measures or damaging the tissue, not once they had extracted all the information from your head. So Number 6, get over The Village, get over yourself, and get on with living. Mind you things could be worse, a whole lot worse as you’ll find out.

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