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Wednesday 19 April 2017

Citizen No.12

    You come whistling into Number 6’s cottage as though you own the place, which as we both know you do not! Granted you look like Number 6, however you don’t wear the same colour blazer as he does. And its blatently obvious that you have not taken the time to read Number 6’s peronnel file, otherwise you would know not to wear that badge. Number 6 never wears his badge!
     How was it for you after you woke up here in The Village, anything like the way Number 6 woke up as you? I can understand the makeover they must have given you in order to make you look more like Number 6, if he looked anything like you when he woke up. Tell me, are you naturally right-handed or were you conditioned to be so? Perhaps as Number 6 was undergoing conditioning to make him like you Number 12, you were experiencing the same conditioning to make you like Number 6. But they put the wrong blazer on the wrong man, and do take that badge off!

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