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Sunday 9 April 2017

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    There’s one thing I don’t understand…….. why didn’t they bring ‘A’ to The Village, and ‘B’ as well if it comes to that. But perhaps they weren’t important enough, maybe they didn’t know too much or too little! Mind you the doctor did suggest that Number 2 might bring Engadine to The Village, to which he said yes, probably because he thought Engadine was ‘C’. But she wasn’t, he was! What’s more ‘C’ had been successfully brought to The Village, and with any and all information having been extracted, he was “turned” and indoctrinated into the ways of The Village then given the position of Number 2! It’s a sad thing, but Number 6 must have realized this, and through his intervention Number 2 made a sad figure of a man, who suddenly realized that he’s not the man he thought he was. That his former self, his former life, had been brainwashed away!

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