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Thursday 13 April 2017

The Pri50ner

    50 years of ‘the Prisoner,’ you would think by now I’d have gotten it out of my system, but no I’m still writing about it, trying to think of new ways to come at the series. Oh I know some people who have given up on ‘the Prisoner,’ having got all they need from the series, and have moved on having found new interests to keep them occupied. Well it does happen you know. I know of a couple of people who have thought themselves to be “over” and “beyond” the Prisoner now, I wonder what they mean by that? Obviously they are not one of Number 2’s so called “lifers.” Some people have obviously escaped, and moved on to pastures new. But they will become prisoners again, oh not of ‘the prisoner,’ but of something else.
    Yes writing of ‘the Prisoner,’ my very first letter to be written on the subject of ‘the Prisoner’ I submitted to Number 6 magazine, the society magazine for Six of One: The Prisoner Appreciation society back in 1987. It was a short letter as I recall about nothing in particular, rather insignificant as I recall.
   ‘The Prisoner’ used to be a rather private affair as I once wrote in an article, but now since writing my ‘Prisoner’ based blog I’ve made it a rather public affair. Well the majority of us feel the compelling need to share our thoughts, ideas, interpretations, and the different ways we look at the series, with like-minded enthusiasts. Although we might not agree with the other guy’s points of view, but then that’s human nature. It goes on you see, the playing around with ‘the Prisoner,’ it gives pleasure. “Questions are a burden to other. Answers a prison for oneself,” meaning, as Norma West once recalled in an interview “There are perfect questions, and only imperfect answers.” But even that doesn’t stop us moving pieces around, trying to make them fit, in order to make the jigsaw complete. But what then? You have the jigsaw in front of you, the picture could not be clearer, you break the jigsaw up into its individual pieces and put them back in the box............only to take them out again at some future date to begin all over again.

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