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Wednesday 19 April 2017

The Therapy Zone

    50 years of ‘the Prisoner’ and so much remains a complete mystery, unfathomable, unanswerable. What matters that we do not know the meaning and reason for something we cannot explain? We shall not suffer for it, we are not the poorer for it. It’s just as Number 2 once said, one like to know everything, unfortunately because the lack of some details the file on the Prisoner and his Village will remain open, and sadly never to be brought up to date!
    I wonder what happened to Chambers? I like to think that the Prisoner followed in Chambers footsteps in having been abducted to The Village. It’s just a pity that Cobb wasn’t Chambers then late of the Foreign Office, that would have made more sense. After all Number 2 had told the Prisoner of Chambers being a nice guy, and so talkative. Or perhaps instead of Dutton it could have been Chambers Number 6 encountered at the cave in ‘Dance of the Dead.’ After all ‘Dance of The Dead’ was originally to have been the second episode.
    It seems to be that British Military Intelligence was very susceptible to having its operatives abducted to The Village. More than that, they are turned, and then put back into the original place of work, but kept on ice so to speak, ready to be called on to act for the Village. The Colonel and Fotheringay are two such excellent examples. It maybe supposed that that is what they intended to do with Number 6. Abduct him to The Village, extract all information from him, then turn him, and send him back. Only he had resigned from his job, and the department he worked for within British Military Intelligence, so the Village administration had nowhere to send him back to. Having resigned he was ineffective to them. He would have to remain in The Village....for life!
   Perhaps the reason why they wanted to know the reason behind the Prisoner’s resignation is because they thought they might be able to put it right. Then he could rescind his resignation and so return to the fold so to speak. To carry on the good work but for The Village! That would of course presuppose that the Prisoner having resigned his job was unknown to The Village administration. That they had always intended to abduct him to The Village, and that ZM73’s resignation was purely incidental to the act of his abduction. But it could have been an inconvenience to them….had he disappeared somewhere on holiday!

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