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Sunday 23 April 2017

Smoking In The Village!

    Although we never really see smoking in The Village, apart from Number 6 trying to smoke a cigar of his favourite brand, the fact that there are some Russian cigarettes in a box, Number 6 lights Alison’s cigarette, and The Man With No Name rolls, and smokes, a cigarette using brown liquorice paper, it must have occurred. When Number 36 attempts to buy a bag of sweets from a kiosk in ‘It’s Your Funeral,’ when her weekly credit allowance had been all used up, originally it was a packet of cigarettes she was trying to buy!
   Alison was a smoker and must have bought her cigarettes from either a kiosk, or the General Store, because on the wall just inside the door there is a cigarette machine. And Number 6 was supposed to smoke a particular favourite brand of cigar. Perhaps as being their “prize prisoner,” as Number 2 once described him, they indulged Number 6 by importing his favourite brand of cigar specially for him even though we never see him actually smoking them!

Be seeing you


  1. Outside the Village, No. 48 seems to be smoking a cigar in the trailer as he dances with No. 2. Perhaps he obtained it from No. 6!
    Also, the Girl Who Was Death has a cigarette in a cigarette holder in the pub - it wouldn't be allowed these days!
    Be seeing you

    1. Hello ZM72,
      Good to hear from you.
      Yes 48 is smoking a cigar or cheroot.
      As for the Girl Who Was Death today she would have to go and stand outside in the car park to smoke her cigarette!
      Be seeing you