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Thursday 27 April 2017

Village Life!

    No.2 “I see you are still here.”
    Supervisor “Where else would I be?”
    “Nowhere I suppose. They say you can’t keep a good man down.”
    “Who says that?”
    “Oh I don’t know, some people.”
    “I’m worried for you.”
    For me?”
    “Are you a good man?”
    “I told Number One I was a good man, I am a good man.”
    “I spoke to Number One once.”
    “Really, what did you say to him?”
    “Well I was here in the Control Room, and he asked if Number Two was here.”
    “And what did you say?”
    “I said yes sir.”
    “Well what else could you say? Do you know that apart from myself, and all of my predecessors, you are the only other person in the entire Village ever to speak to Number One?!” 
    “But that’s not all.”
    “Not all?”
    “It was the voice, I recognized it.”
    “Really, who was it?”
    “Number Six!”
    “Not your voice?”
    “My voice?”
    “That would mean I’d be talking to myself!”
    “We all want to be Number One.”
    “Not me.”
    “Not you?”
    “I like my job here in the Control Room, it’s safe and secure. You don’t see Supervisors being changed every five minutes!”
    “But you do have to be loyal to any Number Two who takes up office.”
    “Yes but I’ll still be here when Number Two has gone!”
    “Does that include me?”
    “, I’d hate to see you go.”
    “Well I am going, and for one week, one teeny weenie week it’s all yours.”
    “You mean I’m Number Two?”
    “Well there’s no time to bring in anyone else is there.”
    “I’ll be seeing you then.”
    “Why do you say that?”
    “Because I might be gone by the time you get back!”
    “If you’re gone when I get back, how can I be seeing you?”
    “It was a parting greeting.”  
    “Oh you’ll be alright, at least for you Number Six will be out of the picture for a while. It’s me I’m worried about, having to deal with a five year old child. Is the ice cream parlour open do you know?”

Be seeing you

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