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Saturday 29 April 2017

This Evening I Am Mostly Watching THEPRIS6NER


    The ‘Modern Love Bureau’ is the modern way for couples to meet in The Village, which is an interesting commentary for today, because couples today are more likely to meet via dating websites on the Internet, rather than going out and meeting people socially. But one thing the ‘Modern Love Bureau’ has is “Blink Match” technology, in other words matched marriages!
   Six is matched with 4-15, and they fall in love with each other. Yet the love Six feels for her has been manufactured by Two and 313 in a laboratory. This might be a new Village, a new Six, but they still come for him in the night when Six is asleep, three times in fact. Rather like the three times in the original series of ‘A B and C.’
   Six’s love is generated through gene symmetry therapy. They scanned the brains of people who were likely to fall in love, they discovered, and Two said Six would like this, that the more there was gene similarity between people, the more they fell in love. And so they replicated by transplanting 4-15’s genes into Six! His feelings for 4-15 are manufactured! 313 doesn’t like what she’s doing to Six, but lets not pretend she has any choice in the matter.
  There’s a touch of ‘Free For All’ about this episode, when 1891 of the “Modern Love Bureau” speaks to Six through his television set. Six presses the off button. Within seconds the doorbell to Six’s apartment rings. He goes to open the door to find 1891 standing on the threshold!
   Holes are beginning to appear in The Village, Two tells his son 11-12 that it’s something to do with the weather, an ambiance anomaly. But really they are oblivion, and beyond all hope for anyone who falls into one of the holes. And yet, for anyone courageous enough to take a leap of faith………..they mean escape!
  And so the episode of ‘Darling’ is reached in this screening of THEPRIS6NER, and is fair to say the weakest of the six episodes, which arguably mirrors ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling’ for being the weakest episode in the original series. The modern Love Bureau uses "blink match" technology to find anyone in The Village a partner. 1891 appears talking to Six about the Mordern Love Bureau through his televison set. Six slams the TV and the picture goes blank. The next moment 1891 is standing on the doorstep of Six's apartment. Now where have we seen such a scene before?   Holes begin to appear in The Village!
   Six "What is it?"
   Two "It's a nothing! It's oblivion! It's beyond all hope!"
    147's daughter 832 fell down such a hole as this. Six said he would go into the hole and bring her back. But Six is weak, he has not the strength of his convictions. He is afraid to take that “leap of faith,” for if he had, Six would quickly discover that through the holes is escape! Or is there? perhaps not, seeing as when 4-15 dived into one of these holes, in New York 4-15's counterpart Lucy Dies in Michael's apartment when it is blown up  due to a gas explosion!
  This is one anomaly that runs through the entire series. It should be Helen who is dreaming The Village, and that does appear to be the case. Lying heavily sedated in a recliner in her apartment in New York. So why is that reflected by M2 who spends the majority of her time lying in bed heavily sedated, and can only be allowed a few minutes of wakeful time before holes begin to appear in The Village? There is no reason for M2 to be in this unconscious state, as its Helen in New York who dreams The Village, and her counterpart M2 should be free to enjoy The Village and her time with her son. After all that’s why she and her husband Curtis, volunteered for The Village experiment in the first place. So that they could have a son! M2 has never been with her son, has not seen him grow up, and relies upon her husband Two to tell her about their son 11-12 during her brief wakeful minutes. The Village was created in order to bring broken people there to be made better. Its seems that does not work for M2 and Two himself. They wanted a family, and Two places much reliance on family life, as he did in ‘Harmony.’ But in The Village M2 and Two appear to suffer as much as anyone.
   Did I say this is the weakest episode of the series, I think I've reassessed my opinion on that score! 

Breathe in…breathe out…Village life goes on!
Be seeing you

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