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Friday 7 April 2017

Quote For The Day

    “Excellent, fit for any contingency”
                          {The doctor Number 10 – A Change of Mind}

    That was the result of the doctor carrying out a medical on Number 6. He was not pronounced as being absolutely fit, but fit for any contingency. Number 6 asked if the doctor had anything specific in mind? Escape perhaps, being able to pilot a helicopter, or pitting himself physically against the white membranic mass of the Guardian. Or perhaps chopping down a tree and carving the hull of a boat out of its trunk. Standing for election maybe, or having his identity taken away from him, going to sleep as Number 6, but waking up as Number 12! Counteracting the machinations of Number 2 as he conducts an educational experiment upon unsuspecting citizens.
    To build a sea-going raft, to combat extreme weather conditions aboard an open raft in the
Atlantic Ocean, going without sleep for each 20 hours out of each twenty-four for 25 days, and navigating his way back home. Surviving aboard a gun runners boat, swimming part of the English Channel, scaling chalk cliffs on his journey home, only to end up back where he The Village.
    Surviving the mob baying for his blood, after he is sentenced to death!
    Escape again, but having to put up with disappointment and betrayal, which isn’t the first time, and it won’t be the last!
    Taking revenge against a sadistic Number 2.
    Saving innocent citizens from a purge of The Village.
    Bringing about the downfall of a Number 2 who cares little for the Community and its citizens, as all he wants is to control their minds!
    Having his mind transferred into a body not to his liking, the Colonel’s, and worse, having his mind reset to the day he was due to hand in his letter of resignation. Then sent back to
London, and once all is revealed to him, not knowing if his mind would be re-housed in his body or not. If not then he would have to accept his current situation!
    Then The Man With No Name {Number 6} is placed in harm’s way in the American frontier. He’s a Sheriff who has handed in both his badge and gun, and ends up being abducted to the town of
Harmony, but when a goat appears amid so many sheep there’s bound to be trouble! He’s isolated, in a dangerous environment, he’s given love, its taken away, he’s made to kill, then faced with death.................
    He’s faced with The Girl Who Was Death, and ZM73’s survival skills are put to the test! As they are in ‘Once Upon A time,’ when Number 6 is taken through his life, as Number 2 tries to make him a better man. Number 2 wants to know why Number 6 resigned, but now Number 6’s resistance is beginning to wane because although he once gave away one piece of detail about his resignation, that it was a matter of conscience, that it was for peace of mind, because too many people know too much! So Number 6 survived, the Girl said that he was a born survivor, and fit for any contingency, even to the point that he only has himself to blame for his current situation. Or given the current situation there was only one way out, to kill the villain, and destroy his lair in James Bond fashion, ie Number 1 and The Village! And having escaped the confines of The Village, as soon as he could he would return to his ex-colleagues and make his report. Unless of course he had had enough by now and decided to hand in his resignation!

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