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Saturday 1 April 2017

The Therapy Zone

    Poor old ZM73, there he is in someone else’s body, that of the Colonel, but does he know it’s the Colonel’s? I suppose he must have known, because he mentions the Colonel after he wakes up on that operating table, and no-one had mentioned it to ZM73 about the Colonel. And Number 6 had certainly not seen the Colonel in The Village, unless he did when they were being connected up to the Selzman machine.
    So for a time Number 6 goes running back to his ex-colleagues, as if it hadn’t been bad enough the first couple of times. What made him think this time would be any better? But it may be supposed that he had no-one else to turn to, even though he must have known he could no longer trust them. So there he was in the outer office grabbing
Danvers by the lapels of his jacket demanding to see Sir Charles Portland, and yes a cup was upset in its saucer! PR12 along with two other gentlemen turned up in the outer office asking the unknown intruder for a name. They couldn’t risk using ZM73’s real name, so he offered pseudonyms, Schmitt and Duval, and finally his code name. And of course PR12 had his code name, but not Danvers, perhaps he wasn’t important enough to warrant a code name, so they had to actually use his real name, if Danvers was his real name. But I think we have to take it at face value that it was. He wasn’t even important enough to get biscuits with his morning elevenses. There was a cup in its saucer but no tea plate. Danvers predecessor was allowed biscuits with his elevenses tea, but perhaps by the time Danvers was transferred from the typing pool to the reception office, cut backs meant that tea was served without biscuits! I am reminded of the episode of ‘Rumpole And The Official Secrets’ in which there was a scandal about the cost of biscuits within government departments.

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