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Monday 17 April 2017

Mind Games!

    Oh no not again I hear you sigh, but if there’s one thing, apart from its unique incidental music, ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling’ has provided a goodly amount of material to write about. And it was while I was replying to an email recently that I thought here’s something I’ve not touched upon before.
    No.2 “We call this our amnesia room, we’re rather proud of it. With it we can erase the memory back to any point we choose. This man was extremely co-operative, told us all we wanted to know in three days {what like A B and C} with hardly any persuasion. So now we wipe out all unpleasant memories of The Village, and put him back into circulation to gather more information.”
    If it’s possible for them to put the mind of their choosing into an enemy agent, then send him into circulation in order to gather information. Then to bring him back to The Village in order to extract that information, why should they need to use any form of persuasion, why shouldn’t their agent give up any such information voluntarily? Furthermore, why is it necessary to wipe any unpleasant memories from the mind of their own agent? Surely if they do that, then send the agent back into circulation in order to gather more information, when they bring the agent back to The Village surely he wouldn’t know where he was {a possible flaw in the plan} therefore he would resist, and refuse to give away the information in his head. That could account for the need to use persuasion in order to extract information!

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