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Friday 7 April 2017

The Turquoise Dome!

   This image was taken during the Prisoner Convention at Portmeirion last weekend {March 31st – April 2nd} I was watching my friends from Germany standing on the balcony, when I was struck by the colour of the Dome. Its no longer brown, its oxidizing and beginning to take on the bluish-green or turquoise colour of verdigris at long last.
   In 1991 the worn out wooden Dome was replaced by a copper Dome which was covered in lacquer, and has taken all this time to oxidize and take on the verdigris effect.

   So in time the current colour of the Dome of the Pantheon will return to the full turquoise colour it was originally intended to be as shown here.

Be seeing you


  1. Not only has the copper hue turned into the notion of green, the lantern on top of the cupola was lit! It may sound odd, after all it is a lantern. But I don't remember having it seen lit. Or else, formerly there may have been an unseen source of lit, rather diffuse. Now it is perhaps due to the use of LEDs mounted in the lantern "ceiling" that shine a very bright light to the ground. - BCNU!

  2. Hello Arno,
    Thank you for your comment, I don't recall having seen the lantern lit when I've been staying at Portmeirion in the past. Come to thinbk of it, the Pantheon usd to be lit at night by one of the floodlights from the Piazza.

    Be seeing you