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Thursday 13 April 2017

The Village!

    Is The Village simply for the benefit of Number 6? After all everything which goes on there appears to revolve around him. At least that is the impression given. Can we be sure that The Village even existed before the Prisoner Number 6 arrived there? There is no evidence that it did, perhaps Number 6 built The Village himself in order to make his own prison.  And did The Village still exist after Number 6 left? Certainly The Village was abandoned, evacuated of all its citizens, and no-one in their right minds would ever go back there................would they?     

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  1. Unless the Village and everything we witness in the series is No. 6s mental manifestation, we could and we should, most likely, assume that it's been in existence before No. 6 arrived. As pointed out by one David Stimpson (, the Village and its infrastructure wouldn't have been established for the sake of No. 6 alone. Too much would have to be taken into consideration, it would have been too expensive for just one man. No matter how "important" he may have been. - BCNU!