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Friday 7 April 2017

The Guardian

    We’ve seen the effect the Guardian has upon its victims, suffocation into unconsciousness or to death. For the survivor the effects can be pretty unpleasant. In ‘Arrival’ a young man dodged about this way and that, but very quickly the Guardian was on him, perhaps attracted by the movement of the man, or sensing his fear.
   Nadia attempted to escape during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ by simply swimming away. The Guardian was despatched to stop Number 8 and bring her back to The Village. A moving body in the water, the Guardian attracted to the swimmer by movement in the water like a shark, the same would apply with Number 6 after he jumped overboard and was left floundering in the sea in ‘Free For All.’ Curtis also fell foul of the Guardian, after he struggled to get Rover to accept the password “Schizoid man,” he ran for it. That, combined with a show of fear, the sudden movement was enough for the Guardian to attack.
   Going back to ‘Arrival’ before the Guardian attacked that young man, Number 2 gave the order to “be still,” and all the citizens including the Prisoner, apart from the young man, all stood stock still. It was the same in ‘Checkmate, when the Guardian was on patrol. The membranic thing roared and everyone, pedestrians and cyclists alike, stepped smartly to the sides of the road and stood stock still as the Guardian passed by. Also passing by at that time was Number 14 the ex-Count. He didn’t stand still but kept on walking ignoring the Guardian, and showing no fear which at the same time paid no attention to the man with the stick! Could this mean that if you genuinely had no fear or showed no reaction whatsoever to the Guardian, that its powers were rendered useless?

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