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Saturday 1 April 2017

The Electrician And The Gardener

    He was sorry for the intrusion, electrics who went to ‘6 Private’ in order to replace the broken loudspeaker. The Prisoner fancied a walk, so he went out into The Village and eventually encountered a gardener who is the spitting image of the electrician! In order to account for this sudden encounter, it was once suggested by one fan of ‘the Prisoner’ that there was an underground tunnel by which the electrician was able to get to the woods before the Prisoner and ready himself for the encounter, picking up a trug along the way “Mind the plants sir, they’re new.” Which begs the question, to what purpose, to disorientate the Prisoner perhaps? Although I always thought the idea of there being a tunnel was stretching things rather! And yet later in the series we do discover that there is a network of tunnels beneath The Village, so perhaps things aren’t stretched so far after all!

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