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Friday 7 April 2017

I’m Going To escape…….

    At least Number 6 was able to keep half of the pledge he made to Number 2 during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben,’ “I’m going to escape and come back. Escape come back, wipe this place off the face of the Earth, obliterate it, and you with it.” Also Number 2 in ‘Dance of the Dead,’ said of Number 6 “He’ll eventually go back to his room, it’s the only place he can ever go.” And that proved to be the case after escaping The Village in ‘Many Happy returns,’ as he eventually went back to the room of his London home, even though he was suspicious of his surroundings. But really I don’t know why he was so suspicious, after all he’s walked through London from Park Lane to Buckingham Place, that should have told him where he was. However once back in that room I suppose………he could have been back in The Village! And that’s eventually where he went back to, his room in The Village, just as Number 2 said, “It’s the only place he can ever go.”
   It’s strange how Number 6 having successfully escaped the confines of The Village he couldn’t wait to return there! Mind you, seeing the state Number 6 was in when he returned to
London he was something of a raggedy man, an outcast, a refugee, with no money, no job, no car, and no home! To me Number 6 was more of an outcast in London, and seems much more at home in The Village. It’s no wonder he couldn’t wait to get back there!

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