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Tuesday 25 April 2017

Thought For The Day

    During the de-briefing of the Prisoner on the day of his arrival in The Village, we learn that at some point, he had been under close surveillance. “What was that?” said Number 2 “Sounded like a click, something in the mirror over there, yes, over there too!” So who had been keeping ZM73 under such close surveillance? Had it been by his own colleagues, Special Branch, or agents working for The Village administration, why, and for how long? Had ZM73 become suspect, perhaps thy thought he was about to sell out… that’s not the reason. But there must have been a reason, perhaps by those who were soon to abduct him from his home and take him to The Village. Perhaps there had become something doubtful about the Prisoner, that he jumped before he was pushed, and then The Village administration picked up the pieces by having him abducted. Perhaps the Prisoner went the same way as Chambers soon to be late of the Foreign Office. ZM73 was going to meet Chambers to try to get him to change his mind before the “big boys” found out, but they had Chambers, and so he talked!
    What would have ZM73 done once he discovered that cameras had been secreted in his house. Would he report it to the department that someone was watching him? He was thinking of going on holiday at the time,
Paris was one place considered, also Ireland but it was a bit too cold there at that time of the year. The trouble is we do not know how long ZM73 had been under surveillance, and what the cause. It must have been before his resignation, as was that fact he was considering going on holiday, because there wasn’t enough time since his resignation. Because once having handed in his letter of resignation ZM73 couldn’t get away quick enough, but they came for him before he was expecting them. Was he expecting them? Well seeing as how ZM73 was in such a hurry to get away, it would appear so, unless he was simply in a hurry to get to the airport to catch his flight. But perhaps not quite so soon, and perhaps not in the guise of two Undertakers, not that he saw who it was who came for him.
   So where was the Prisoner going in such a hurry? Abroad obviously, since the airline ticket tells us that much.
Paris perhaps after all he had a contact in Paris, Madam Engadine!                 

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