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Sunday 6 May 2018

A B And C

    Paris hadn’t changed much, well places don’t change do they, only people. I should have thought that the other way around myself. People rarely change {apart from getting older} and places change all the time, it’s called progress. Portmeirion has changed, it has received some cosmetic changes, and is no longer the Italianate Village Number 6 was abducted to. His Village I much prefer to the modern clean cut Portmeirion of today.
Paris is where ZM73 was thinking of going on holiday before he was abducted to The Village. Perhaps he would have attended one of Madame Engadine’s celebrated parties, as he did during this episode. So it might be that we’re watching ZM73 on holiday. And yet when he told ‘B’ that he was going on a very long holiday, he was going somewhere quiet, somewhere different where he could think, well that’s Portmeirion isn’t it? Certainly The Village is quiet enough for anyone to spend time thinking, but too much thinking isn’t good for one. There’s too much time dwelling on past events, one can begin to regret decisions made, and actions taken, the mind then begins to dwell on unhappy thoughts. And yet there are other people in The Village who seem to have a very nice time, sitting around the cafe drinking coffee or tea. Playing chess, playing beach ball, swimming in the open lido, long hikes through the woods, sunbathing and the like!

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