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Thursday 24 May 2018

What A Spectacle!

    In ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling,’ yes I know this episode again! When the Colonel/ZM73 has selected the correct numbered slides, and having placed them all in the projector, he takes a pair of spectacles from the breast pocket of his blazer adding two different coloured lenses. They are in fact sunglass shades used by people who have to wear ordinary spectacles. But that’s not important, what is important, is why is Number 6 wearing spectacles when he’s never worn spectacles before! Yes they are the Colonel’s spectacles, but the lenses wouldn’t be the right prescription lenses for Number 6. Especially as he doesn’t wear spectacles! As an added note, judging by the pink tinge to the Colonel’s spectacle frames, they look like National Health glasses!

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