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Friday, 4 May 2018

In The Village!

    Psychiatric report: Well…..Some unusual associations nothing significant so far. What about the other tests? I conducted them myself, very interesting. You have a summary? Yes, positive signs of abnormality, a total disregard for personal safety, and a negative reaction to pain. Well he wouldn’t be able to fake that. Never met a man who could. It would require superhuman will power! A further psychiatric report on Number 6 revealed aggressive tendencies, the doctors advice would be a leucotomy to knock out the aggressive frontal lobes. But Number 2 sees Number 6 as too valuable, seeing that such an operation might mean they could lose Number 6, do you understand lose him!
    Well that’s an interesting word association, hope and anchor, the hope and anchor, a little bit of McGoohan’s private life, as it’s a pub he used to drink at. As for Number 6 having aggressive tendencies, that stands out a mile, surely the doctor didn’t need a psychiatric report to tell her that. Number 6 has been aggressive since the day he first arrived in The Village!
   Number 6 had been put through a number of psychiatric tests, but it appears that other physical experiments, possibly acts of torture, had been carried out on the subject. That is made clear by the fact that Number 6 had shown a negative reaction to pain in one report. That seemed to take superhuman will power, an ability he seemed to have lost by the time of ‘Hammer Into Anvil,’ when Number 2 prodded Number 6’s forehead with the tip of his blade “Ah you react!” As for a total disregard for personal safety, Number 6 has shown that every time he has attempted to escape, at times putting himself in the most dangerous situations, and none more dangerous than that time when he was all at sea aboard his raft!

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