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Tuesday 22 May 2018

In The Village!

    The Prisoner was invited to join Number 2 for breakfast, but it wasn’t to be a leisurely breakfast, but a working breakfast. And even then the table had only been set for one. A cup of tea, bacon, two eggs, and toast, oh the Butler had forgotten the butter and marmalade!
   It’s a question of the Prisoner’s resignation, and the information inside his head is priceless. Number 2 suggests he doesn’t realize what a valuable property he had become. A man like him is worth a great deal on the open market. Number 2 is sympathetic, knows how the Prisoner feels, perhaps he himself was once in the Prisoner’s position. And admits that “they” have taken quite a liberty, but who are they? Apparently a lot of people are curious about what lies behind the Prisoner’s resignation. He had a brilliant career, his record is impeccable, they want to know why he suddenly left. What people? Personally, Number 2 is about to sympathize again, I believe your story I do think it was a matter of principle….but err what he thinks doesn’t really count, one has to be sure about these things, and apparently that gives “them” the right to poke their nose into the Prisoner’s private business. But please, its Number 2’s job to check the Prisoner’s motives, who demands that he’s been checked! Of course, but when a man like the Prisoner knows as much as he does a double check does no harm. A few details might have been missed, what like the time of the Prisoner’s birth, I don’t believe it! But then if the Prisoner will answer one simple question, then all the rest will follow. Well it was worth a try I suppose!
     The question is what motives had to be checked? Number 2 must mean the motives behind the Prisoner’s resignation, the Prisoner demanded that he’d been checked. But by whom, and when, before he handed in his resignation, or after? One can only surmise that any checks that were done, because the Prisoner insisted that they had been done, must have been carried out by his own people. And all those people who are curious about what lies behind the Prisoner’s resignation, Number 2 could include the television viewers in that statement!

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