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Saturday 5 May 2018

Conventional Times!

The Prisoner Convention 2018
      The Convention took place at Portmeirion over the weekend April 20th - 22nd

Time for the election Re-enactment!

 No.2 rallies the electorate, and introduces No.6.
   Clever aren't you? Yes they are damned clever. No.6 has undergone a sex change!

On the quayside No.2 leads the way!


Rover is poised for action!

Rover In action.

Caught On Camera, Rover self destructs! Or that man there has thrown a dart at Rover!!!

We're all pawns me' dear!

The chess match re-enactment

The players line up!

Members of the German Prisoner Group pictured with 'the Prisoner' Librarian Tony Sloman
                 Photographs by kind permission of No.113b Marc Christiansen

Be seeing you

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