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Monday 14 May 2018

No.1’s The Boss Or Is he?

    “Are you going in?”
    “To make my report, there’s a lot to do.”
During ‘Once Upon A time’ Number 2 claimed he’s the boss, but Number 6 corrected him by saying Number 1’s the boss. And yet on more than one occasion we hear rumours of “masters,” who are these masters Cobb mentioned? Cobb said he mustn’t keep his new masters waiting. Then in ‘The Schizoid Man’ Number 2 told Number 6, or was it 12, well both now I come to think of it, that he couldn’t use the usual methods against Number 6, “Too important, mustn’t damage him permanently say our masters.” And here we have Number 2 about to go in that room in order to make her report, not to Number 1 obviously, otherwise she would use the red telephone as she had early on in the episode. So Number 1 isn’t the boss at all, he must be as responsible to those “masters” the same as everyone else. That’s why Number 2 sends her reports to those masters back in London, and from whom she receives instructions, via the teleprinter.

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