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Wednesday 30 May 2018

Guardian Times!

    There are a number of contradictions regarding a new arrival in the village, that of No.8-Nadia Rakovsky. No.2 told No.6 that she had been brought to the
village because of nervous tension, saying she’s there for recuperation. And yet when Number 6 had taken her to the door of the Green Dome, she muttered to herself "I didn't think it would be like this." Didn’t think it would be like what? What did she expect it would be like, more to the point why should she wonder what it would be like in the village? Unless of course No.2’s original story had been true. But then she did tell No.6 all she had done was resign. Ah, that was clever, No.8 telling him that, she hoped to play on his sympathies, seeing as she’s in the village for the same reason as he, for resigning her job. But No.6 has no sympathy for anyone, he trusts no-one. But No.8 is just as bad, she thinks No.2 is a very charming man, and would have thought his assistant to be the same. What about No.8? She is a very charming, and attractive woman. It’s no wonder that she appears most as The Tally Ho Pin-Up. It had been a long lunch, almost all day as it goes, seeing as No.8 was just in time to share a nightcap with No.6. No doubt during that long lunch No.8 briefed Nadia about The Village, about the Guardian. But I shouldn’t think that any amount of briefing about that white amorphous thing, could prepare her for what she would experience. Being half drowned in a whirlpool, or maelstrom created by a creature created purely out of membrane. I wouldn’t say half suffocated because she wasn’t, not in the same way as No.6 in a similar scene. But all the same it must have been a nasty experience for her. And there’s no point trying to fight the Guardian, because it has properties of a balloon, in that it offers no resistance! One thin though, it takes not one but three Guardians to bring a body back to shore.
 But how exactly does it do that? There is no actual contact between body and Guardian. It has no physical extremities with which to grasp said body. Presumably it emits some kind magnetic field, or stabilizing force to do with linear graviton, in ‘Star Trek’ they call it a tractor beam. The mechanical Rover MK1 had something more akin to a Tractor beam, a paralyzing blue light which held anyone attempting to escape, and could even absorb its prey into the machine!
   The last we see of the Guardian is in ‘Fall Out,’ when it appears to be dying a death after the rocket has blasted off. And yet the brief scene does suggest Rover existing on some alien plant, the
environment of which looks distinctly uninhabitable! Hot and steamy, could be an asteroid. And yet here on planet Earth, the Guardian exists at the bottom of the sea. So I think it logical to suggest that the ‘mother Guardian,’ of which we see but segments, would have survived. It makes me wonder if the Supervisor, whoever that is at the time, during the evacuation of the village made sure that the Guardian was completely deactivated. On the other hand, perhaps it would have been prudent to leave a segment activated, to set a sentinel, a guardian! M.R. James was good at setting guardians, in his story ‘A Warning To The Curious,’ the guardian is one William Agar, even after his death his ghost protected the last of the three crowns said to guard the realm in times of trouble. In ‘The Treasure of Abbot Thomas’ the guardian set to protect a hoard of gold is a thing of slime. So it stands to reason that the powers that be would not leave the abandoned village unprotected. Its secrets must surely be protected against any probable intruder.
    And yet there are those who would have it that the village is destroyed by the rocket! I don’t see it, because the village is still there long after the rocket has blasted out of its silo, so where is the village destroyed? Besides the rocket isn’t a ballistic missile, because it’s set to carry four people to where…….to where? We do know? It is reasonable to think to a place somewhere beyond the Earth, perhaps to that uninhabitable place where we see the Guardian. The whole Earth as the village, and the village an experiment conducted by the Guardian towards that aim. An alien life form dedicated to ruling the Earth but through humans. Perhaps in that cave in ‘Free For All’ we witness human’s undergoing some kind of indoctrination by the Guardian. See how it pulsates and glows. See the four men’s attitude toward No.6 when he enters the cave, they restrain him, stopping any possible harm coming to the Guardian. Funny though,the four men in the picture are dressed in overalls like the aliens in ‘The Invaders,’
just an observation. 

See you soon                        

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