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Saturday 26 May 2018


   It would appear that escape from The Village is only possible by sea, and when all such attempts fail during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben,’ Free For All,’ and ‘Many Happy Returns,’ Number 6 tries to send a message to the outside world by sea. Thereby a rough map together with a letter is placed in a wallet, the wallet in the pocket of a dead man, which is tied to a lifebelt and then cast adrift in the estuary to be carried out to sea on the tide. Yet even that attempt fails. Number 6 does try one further escape attempt by sea, in ‘Checkmate’ and gathered about him a prize crew to help him. But when even that fails, Number 6 doesn’t attempt to escape again. It may be supposed that had it not been for the advent of ‘Fall Out’ and the confrontation between the antagonists 6 and 1, Number 6 may well have been left to rot in The Village!

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