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Thursday 24 May 2018

Fall Out

    The conclusion to ‘the Prisoner,’ that raised even more questions than it answers. I like to think that Number 48 is the former Number 8 who had been with them, but who then went and gone, having died at the end of ‘Living In Harmony.’ So how did he arrive at this point? Well if they can resuscitate one man they can do it with another, and here is Number 48 wearing the same top hat he wore as the Kid. I wonder how he managed to get it? But here he is dressed as himself, and out on trial for his youthful misdemeanours, rebelling against nothing it can define. In the Village, is that? Because we’ve never seen him about at any other time than as Number 8 in ‘Living In Harmony.’ But of course there must be things which happen in The Village to which we as the casual observer are not privy. One thing’s for sure he couldn’t have spent the rest of his life thumbing a lift either way on that dual carriage way of the M1. He appears to have no sense of direction. But then again with him it might be the journey that matters and not the destination, unlike the former Number 2 who ends up back in the welcoming arms of the Establishment. And ZM73 whose future lies in an office somewhere at the end of a long dark corridor!

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