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Sunday 20 May 2018

Village Life!

    “What’s on the agenda for today?”
    “It’s a briefing.”
    “What about?”
    “I’m to be sent on a mission.”
    “A mission, what outside of The Village?”
    “Yes, two of us are being sent to
    “As undertakers!”
    “I’ve done one of those.”
    “What one of those?”
    “All I can say is, be careful of that nerve gas!”
    “Nerve gas, what nerve gas?”
    “You’re on an abduction job. That means you will be given a gas gun with which to paralyse the subject. But be careful, one quirt means paralysis, two squirts means death.”
    “Who for, the subject?”
    “You if the wind turns!”
    “Oh! This nerve gas seems dangerous stuff.”
    “It is, mind you if the subject is at home it’s easier to use, just inject it into the room through the keyhole. That puts a door between you and the nerve gas.”
    “Well that sounds better.”
    “Who is the subject?”
    “We’ve had him under the closest possible surveillance. We’ve had cameras put in his house. And apparently he’s been behaving a little erratic, we think he’s thinking of resigning his job.”
    “Who is he?”
    “We don’t know.”
    “You don’t know?”
    “Well he uses several different names, mostly one of the country he happens to be in at the time. He used to call himself John Drake, but now has taken to calling himself Peter Smith.”
    “Its funny really.”
    “What’s funny?”
    “Two-thirty-one, and One-twenty-three were sent on a similar mission yesterday.”
    “Where have they gone?”
    “Why, have they found Seventy-three’s husband yet?”
    “No, apparently he’s still over there.”
    “Over where?”
    “Oh somewhere there.”
    “That’s a bit vague. It’s no wonder they can’t find him!”

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