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Tuesday 8 May 2018

A Change of Mind

    Number 6 appears to be training for the big break, and yet escape hasn’t been on Number 6’s mind for a long time. He’s simply keeping himself in training, not wanting himself to get out of condition. It’s a little antisocial of him perhaps. But we have no idea why Number 6 took it into his head to build himself a private gym in the woods. Keeping himself fit. The doctor-Number 10 said after Number 6’s medical that he was fit for any contingency, but didn’t have anything specific in mind at the time. Did he mean another escape attempt, or perhaps something much more closer to home, such as the process known as Social Instant Conversion?! At least Number 6 didn’t end up in the Aversion Therapy Room. When Number 6 asked the “lobo” man if he’d been inside that room, the reply was not in there, that he was one of the lucky ones! Lucky to be one of those citizens who have been domesticated or pacified by having their aggressive frontal lobes isolated! A barbaric operation which the charming doctor-Number 86 has cleaned up, no blood, no barbarism, only the use of sound waves, all very neat and tidy. And I thought the two doctors Number 40 and 23 were bad enough!

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