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Monday, 14 May 2018

The Girl Who Was Death

    It’s a bit of light relief really, not really to be taken seriously, something in the guise of ‘The Avengers’ but based on an idea for a ‘Danger Man’ script. That makes it a glimpse into Patrick McGoohan’s former employment as John Drake from which he resigned because he wanted to do something different having become bored with ‘Danger Man,’ the scripts for which had become stale and repetitive. And yet here he is, Drake taking on The Girl Who Was Death, because good ideas for Prisoner scripts had dried up!
   Whoever it was who thought Number 6 would lower his guard with children wasn’t thinking straight, but I suppose it was worth a try as Number 10 said to Number 2, anything is worth a try once. But really they were scraping the bottom of the barrel with this one. Entertaining enough as ‘The Girl Who Was Death’ is it was never going to reveal the reason behind Number 6’s resignation, all he did was to reveal the kind of work he used to do. And the symbolism behind the toy clown? Well Number 6 knew all the time, he was playing with them, perhaps he wanted them to know not to fool around with him!

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