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Tuesday 8 May 2018

In The Village!

   In The Village, Nadia was known as Number 8, don’t you know about The Village? The Colonel is there to ask the questions old boy, that’s what Number 2 used to say Number 2? He is Chairman of The Village. What Village? Oh yes I forgot, you don’t know do you? The Village is a place where people turn up. People who have resigned from a certain sort of job, have defected or have been extracted the specialized knowledge in their heads of great value to one side or another, are you sure you haven’t got a village here?
   Number 6, The Village is always closer than you think, but you soon found that out didn’t you. And now you know you are all alone, that there is no-one you can trust, not even Fotheringay, betrayed as you were by your ex-colleagues, people you thought you could trust. But then you resigned your job, that made you an ex-colleague and therefore fair game. And there is no room for sentiment in the kind of business you were in!

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