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Friday 18 May 2018


    It’s sad to think that if it hadn’t been for The Schizoid Man the Guardian wouldn’t have a name, in fact it wouldn’t have been referred to as anything at all. Number 2 did once tell Number 1 to remove that thing, which was neatly ensconced in his chair. Really the Guardian has no identification, only a nickname which is more usually given to a dog.
   It’s not known exactly what Rover is, manmade or some alien being from another world, either way it’s been made part of the security system. Seeing as it’s not unusual for experimental projects to be conducted in The Village in order to create technological breakthroughs. Perhaps Rover itself is one of those experiments. It maybe supposed that had the Speed Learn experiment been a success it would no longer be confined to The Village. That it would have been rolled out in every educational institution in the world, ensuring that everyone was given the same educational opportunity, whether they wanted it or not. Perhaps that would have been the fate of Rover, to act as a security deterrent across the world. And yet, had that been the case, what danger there might have been, had Rover become self-aware, and broken free of its confines, and turned upon its masters and the world.........

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