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Wednesday 9 May 2018

Do Not forsake Me Oh My Darling

    Who said ZM73 had been reported as having died in an accident at sea? This seems to have been long forgotten by the time this episode comes along. Janet Portland and her father Sir Charles are certainly unaware of any such report, she thinks her fiancé is away somewhere working for her father!
   In the previous episode it was made mention of Number 6 keeping himself fit. In this episode we observe Number 6 pacing the floor of his cottage whilst eating a ham sandwich and drinking his tea. The Colonel thought any person spending their time doing that was a rather stupid one. And yet even this activity helps Number 6 burn off the calories. Not as stupid as the Colonel thought!
   I wonder what kind of home life Janet would have had, had she married her fiancé with him carrying out the kind of work he did for her father. One can imagine that soon after the wedding Janet would approach her father to try and persuade him to give her husband a nice cosy desk job. But as it is Janet is once again left in the lurch as her fiancé goes disappearing once again. But perhaps this time she knows what’s happened, because presumably after he gave her that message of his he explained what has happened to him, and where he has been. And after her fiancé had disappeared a second time, she would have told her father what ZM73 had explained to her. And perhaps Potter would be able to confirm ZM73’s disappearance, if he had been left behind in that basement of the barber’s shop. But even so, what might Sir Charles Portland be able to do about it?
   ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling,’ just like The Schizoid Man ZM73 is having trouble proving his identity! But really did they have to find Seltzman, after all they had the Seltzman machine, I wonder how they managed to get that? I’m bound to wonder what exactly is the difference between the process by which Number 6 and the Colonel were put through, to the so called “reversal process?” Personally I would have thought they are exactly the same, what would affect the process in order for it to be otherwise? So really there’s no need to go looking for Seltzman, the scientists in The Village are operating the machine very nicely, and all they have to do to reverse the effect of the mind transference, is to put the same two subjects through the same process a second time. As far as I can see there’s no need to bring Seltzman to The Village at all!

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