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Saturday 12 May 2018

Living In Harmony

    That’s what the Committee wanted in the previous episode, the citizens of The Village Living In Harmony. Well as it happens some of them were physically doing that. As the American Frontier town of Harmony is part of The Village. But just like The Village isn’t Number 6’s cup of tea, Harmony isn’t the stranger’s kind of town, the townspeople can keep it as far as he’s concerned! But there’s no leaving Harmony, there’s only one road out of town and that’s guarded by the Judge’s boys, and horse flesh in Harmony is expensive, the cheapest horse being $5,000!
    I always feel sorry for Cathy having that foul Kid forcing his attentions on her, I enjoy the moment when the Kid’s trying to kiss Cathy and she bites his bottom lip! I think the Kid has been deprived of love all his life, so it’s no wonder he gets a fixation about Cathy. But one can only imagine what Number 22 must have felt as Cathy was strangled to death by the Kid. Then later actually strangled to death by Number 8, or was she? After all she was conscious enough to tell Number 6 she wished it had been real, perhaps she just fainted after that! As for Number 8, he later returns as Number 48 who had been with them, but then he went and gone. Meaning Number 8 was with them, then he went and gone by committing suicide, but later resuscitated in the same way Number 2 was in ‘Fall Out.’ I could be completely wrong about Number 8 and 48 being one and the same person, it’s simply one of my pet theories and shaped to fit.

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