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Thursday 3 May 2018

Forthcoming Book - The Prisoner D***** D****

    Have you ever wondered what the inspiration was for the trial scene in ‘Fall Out’?

    50 years of ‘the Prisoner,’ and the origin of The Village salute, is finally realized!

   Then there is the Prisoner’s connection to ‘Danger Man’!

   And the Hope and Anchor, a pub which Number 6 used to drink at is located!

   Also find out what happened when I asked WHY? The answer to this much, much more can be found in an exciting new book on the subject of ‘the Prisoner’

    This is not another handbook about the series
    Not an extended episode guide

   This book is unique because of the new information and detail it will contain. Giving a new and fresh outlook to ‘the Prisoner’ series, with a dash of realism sprinkled amongst its pages.

      Enthusiasts for ‘the Prisoner’ have been waiting a long, long time for the emergence of this book. I am highly delighted to be able to write that the wait will soon be over. An official press release from my publisher will appear on my blog closer to the time of publishing. But in the meantime look out for further intimations.

                               David Stimpson

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