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Saturday 26 May 2018


Improved Café Facilities

by our own reporter
   No.2 in working tirelessly for The Village and the good of its community, brought about improved Café facilities. Personally I could never see what was wrong with the old Café. But I suppose this is a sign of progress, and as No.2 once asked “We know what we must do, what must we do?” Progress, progress, progress came the spontaneous reply! But that didn’t mean the end of the old café, that does still survive. Now The Village has two cafes. I’m surprised there is any call in The Village for a café, not when citizens homes are always but a step or two away where they can make their own coffee and meals. And if its breakfast you want, for those few lucky citizens it’s brought to them on a tray!
   But when exactly did No.2 bring about these improved Café facilities? Because the first time we hear about them is during the Appreciation day ceremony. However the first time we see this new café is at the time of Speed Learn when there’s a public announcement for the history students, and that included just about everyone except No.6! So this new Café must have come about before the advent of Speed Learn, because like Speed Learn the Café is just there, there being no indication of when the work began on either. And seeing how No.2 is deeply involved with the educational experiment he had no time for the  development of The Village’s infrastructure. So No.2, who retired on Appreciation Day, must have been working behind the scenes on this improved Café facility, as well as other projects all the time, such as the new Concert Hall. Is that the same one that held the Folk Music concert, or was that the previous one? I only ask because I didn’t go to that.
   So now The Village has two café’s. I’m actually surprised that The Village can support two Café’s, after all they cannot rely on what we are pleased to call, passing trade! not to mention the Old People’s Home where anyone can go for a cup of coffee, or pot of tea, even for something to eat. Which is actually contrary to it being the Old People’s Home if anyone can go there and enjoy afternoon tea on the lawn! And yet there is another aspect to all this, sociability, the Cafés are places where people can meet up, have a chat, and socialize. The new Café outdoor facilities might look a bit cramped, it having no patio. However it does have an extension, the grassy mound opposite, which more than doubles the “alfresco” pleasure of eating out, which is the continental way. Although No.2 would describe it as being International. And the location of these new facilities? Actually not far from the original Café, on the same side of The Village, and in the direction of the pink Georgian house. Because you can see the Town Hall through the far arch of the Café area.
   And yet it is possible to become confused regarding this new Café facility. Because on occasion its part of a built up area with the Watchmaker’s shop on the opposite side. On another occasion  there is the grassy bank, but with the addition of a kiosk, but with no sign of the Town Hall through the arch, just bushes! This area of The Village seems to be have the ability to adapt itself to current circumstances!. Either that or the stonemasons and gardeners are very swift workers in order to be able to create such horticultural and architectural changes to that part. Perhaps No.2 could not make up his mind as to the development of that area of The Village. There is however one thing to be said about this new café, its atmosphere there is very different to what it was elsewhere!

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