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Friday 4 May 2018

The Schizoid Man

    Two Number 6’s in The Village, one was bad enough, now there’s another one and he seems a better 6 than the original, and far more relaxed and self-assured. I thought Alison-Number 24 looked to be a little nervous after that mind reading incident in Number 2’s office. Almost as though she didn’t want to identify the false Number 6 as the real one, when any fool could see he wasn’t!
   It was most fortunate for Number 6, that accident with the soda siphon. If Alison hadn’t knocked it over bruising his fingernail, without which the plan might well have succeeded. Number 6 is often in lucks way!
   I wonder how Number 24 wormed her way in with Number 6? Perhaps she like Monique went looking for his help, but why Number 6 should feel he had to help Alison with her mind reading act I’ve really no idea. And there’s no-way of knowing, whether she went to seek Number 6’s help voluntarily, or whether she was sent there by Number 2 as part of the master plan. But one thing is true, Number 6 and Alison genuinely shared a mental link, that couldn’t be faked. Although having said that they gave it a damned good try when it came to her and Curtis!

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