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Wednesday 16 May 2018

Village Life!

    “Tell me, these new records.”
    “Yes sir.”
    “Do you have the Prisoner soundtrack record?”
    “I beg your pardon sir?”
    “The Prisoner soundtrack LP record, I don’t see it.”
    “I’m not quite with you sir.”
    “You do sell records?”
    “As you can see sir.”
    “Well then?”
    “I’ve never heard of the record you’re talking about.”
    “The Prisoner?”
    “Never heard of it.”
    “It’s a television series.”
    “I don’t watch television.”
    “The record is the soundtrack of that television series the Prisoner.”
    “I see sir.”   
    “I doubt it. I’m the founding member of the Prisoner club.”
    “How many members are there?”   
    “One, me! There used to be two of us, but when I raised the subscription to 8 shillings and six pence the other member wouldn’t pay it, so I threw him out!”
    “Bad luck sir.”
    “Will you try and get me that record?”
    “I’ll try sir. Will there be anything else?”
    “Just The Tally Ho.”
    “Very good sir.”
    “I want to see if there has been any response to my advertisement for people wanting to subscribe to my club.”
    “What do you do in this club of yours?”
    “Go about in piped blazers and brightly coloured clothes. You’d fit right in as the shopkeeper.”
    “I am the shopkeeper.”
    “Well there you are then, you’re made for the role.”
    “And you run this club?”
    “I’m the president, treasurer, magazine editor.”
    “You produce a magazine, what’s it called?”
    “What’s It All About?”
    “What is it all about?”
    “That’s just the thing, I don’t think anyone knows. I’ve never been that sure myself, it means what it is!”

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