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Sunday 20 May 2018

Hammer Into Anvil

    “Would you like to sit in this don’t tell me what to do!” How is it that this man achieved the position of Number 2? Surely he wasn’t the paranoid individual that we’ve grown to know, before his arrival in The Village? What I mean is, those masters who recruited him, wouldn’t have done so if he was already a paranoiac! The doctor-Number 10 in ‘A Change of Mind’ carried out a medical on Number 6 and pronounced him fit for any contingency, whether or not Number 6 liked it, life in The Village suited him. Perhaps life in The Village didn’t suit this latest Number 2, after all we have no idea what he was like before he had been brought to The Village. But something happened to him to bring on his mental trouble, because of that he began to see enemies where there were none, and conspiracies where there were none, and no-one but Number 2 could see them. Such was his ever growing paranoia that he could trust no-one, that of course made it easy for Number 6, to play on that paranoia and so break this Number 2, who was already half-way to having a breakdown!
    Previous Number 2s have been many things, but this one was nothing but a bully, and Number 6 stood up to that bully, and we see the result, a cowering coward pleading with Number 6 not to report him. Number 6 made him report himself as a breakdown in control. No, life in The Village doesn’t suit everyone, another poor victim was Number 73 who once before tried to commit suicide by slashing both her wrists. Finally she succeeded by throwing herself out through a hospital window. She is perhaps one of the very few who were brought to The Village because she was the next best thing to her husband who they couldn’t find for some reason! All they wanted from her was information about the whereabouts of her husband. It’s as Number 6 once said, The Village is where people turn up, people who know too much or too little, Number 73 came under the latter category.

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