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Friday 4 May 2018

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    It is such a pity that that the office used by Jonathan Peregrine Danvers, the one the Colonel came bursting into wasn’t the same as the one used when ZM73 handed in his letter of resignation. But then perhaps it wasn’t meant to be, that Danvers wasn’t meant to be a replacement for that other bureaucrat. The office seen in the opening sequence to ‘the Prisoner’ wasn’t overly decorated, yet it’s functional and at the same time comfortable, with a filing cabinet, oil painting on the wall, carpet on the floor and two maps of the World. Whereas Danver’s office, is just plain functional, with a filing cabinet, couple of extra chairs, and a painting hung on the wall which could easily be mistaken for a street scene in Kandersfeld. Come to think of it, I’m not at all sure the two offices are in the same building, although they could be. After all when we see ZM73 walking along that long darkened passageway he is merely leaving the underground car park. And then goes onto the office when above ground. I would imagine that both offices are situated in a building somewhere in Whitehall.

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