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Wednesday 16 May 2018

The General

    Report to The General that’s a new one, but Number 6 didn’t mean report to the General personally, and now we can see why. The General is nothing more than a mass of wires, circuitry, flashing lights, switches, and memory banks! Ask the General a question it cannot answer, of course it couldn’t answer WHY? Because it hadn’t been programmed with sufficient data, it wasn’t given the basic facts! But why self-destruct like that, computers do not do that kind of thing just because they cannot answer a question. Ah but the General had to be destroyed, if it hadn’t been it would have been an anti-climax. The final scene had to comply with the Professor’s desire that the General must be destroyed. Even if he did do his best to save it, and Number 12, he tried to save the Professor as Number 6 tried to save Number 12 from Number 2 who was about to have his suspicions about him confirmed by the General. But it all went wrong, and there was no-one to save Number 2 who would ultimately pay the price for this latest failure. Not the failure regarding Number 6, worse than that, the failure of the educational experiment known as Speed Learn! Judging by Number 6’s reaction at the café in the opening scene, gives me the impression that Speed Learn has already been running for a long time. So where has Number 6 been all that time?

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