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Monday 16 April 2012

Cartoon Capers

  Two cartoon strips by Steve Matt which appeared in The penny Farthing, a Prisoner based magazine.
Copyright Steve Matt 1991.

Be seeing you


  1. "WOW!" I honestly haven't seen these in years and apart from merging myself into the top strip, had forgotten about them completely! If I'd drawn these today I don't think I would have touched the 'queer joke' (a play on words based on the McGoohan film 'The Quare Fellow') with a barge pole. 21 years on I find it a little embarrassing and would like to apologise if anyone's offended.

    The running joke in these cartoons seems to be based on a 'B & Q add that was running at the time. It obviously tickled me and provided me with considerable inspiration!

    I must admit to feeling slightly proud of the hidden 'one' in the second strip - it's really come back fresh!

    I can't thank you enough for posting these David and keeping them in excellent condition!

    BCNU );oB

  2. Hi Steve,

    Only too glad to have inadvertently been of service. I have found two or three more of your cartoons you may not have seen for some time. But I am fraustrated at the moment, as I cannot find the one with 'The Jailbird' playing monoploly with the Admiral. I know it's there somewhere, as I remember seeing it some time ago. I will look again.

    Be seeing you

  3. The 'Monopoly' cartoon is very early. I think it's in an issue of 'Number Six' from 1987.

    I'm delighted that you seem to have all the 'Penny Farthing' work - but of course you ALSO contributed to that magazine.

    The only other elusive 'Jailbird' strip that I can think of is the poisoned beer sequence from 'The Girl Who Was Death'. I think it appeared in 'Number Six' around 1991... Oh - and one featuring a shark!

    BCNU );oB

  4. The character in the final panel of the bottom strip is a creation of 'Liverpool Member' Geoff Lake's.

    The character regularly appeared in Geoff's brilliant strip - 'Plebs'published in 'The Penny Farthing'.