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Saturday 14 April 2012

This week I Am Mostly Watching

   'Anvil,' in which we discover that there are 'Undercovers' in the Village, those who watch others who have become suspect. The trouble is no-one knows who these 'Undercovers' are, and it's possible that everyone is an 'Undercover,' meaning that everyone is watching everyone else!
   Also we discover that there is no Number One, that there has never been a Number One, and there never will be, that according to 1,100 and Village history.
   Two sets a trap for Six, and Six does all he can to work against Two. In New York Lucy wants to know why Michael resigned, but tells him he might think he's got away, but they are playing with his mind, that he's still with them.....there.
   Two's son 11-12 is a homosexual, and has a relationship with 909, who is himself an 'Undercover.' 11-12 murders 909 to stop his father from finding out aboiut the relationship, but Two already knows.
  M2, two's wife is awake, and enjoys her favourite meal, 'wraps.' While she is awake holes begin to appear in the Village.
  1955 is a school teacher who puts me in mind of Robert Fuller in the Danger Man epiosde 'Colony Three,' a character Drake has adopted so to allow him to infiltrate Colony Three.
  Dreamers are those Village citizens who are said to dream of another place, but really they are people with memories of another place, of their former life before having been brought to the Village.
   People are allowed to leave the Village, but back in New York Michael has observed a change in certain people, and has reported on his observations to the Purpose Floor in Summakor. A message is sent back to Michael from the Purpose Floor in Summakor, it merely said "stop and desist!"
   In this series the Therapy Zone takes on a whole new dark meaning, a place where unspecified therapy treatment is carried out. A place where you don't want to find yourself.

  There are those who detest this series with a passion, I count myself fortunate to be amongst the minority who can appreciate it.

Be seeing you


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  2. One of the greatest *factual* movies made about the ill fated *Titanic* was the 1958 movie starring Kenneth More *A Night To Remember* based on John Walter Lord's excellent book of the same name which gives a minute by minute account of the events with the help of interviewing 63 survivors at the time.

    Two actors from *The Prisoner* feature in the movie.

    *Thomas Heathcote* (a patient in 'A Change Of Mind')
    and *Kenneth Griffith* (No2 in 'The Girl Who Was Death' and the President in 'Fall Out')

    It's scandalous that the seating capacity of the lifeboats was only 1,200 when there were 2,200 on board. The reason for the shortage was the belief that the ship was unsinkable and any more would be considered *unsightly!* Had the crew hit the iceberg head on, rather than try to avoid it - the Titanic would have staid afloat and suffered far less fatalities than 1,500. But then 'hindsight' is a wonderful thing...

    On a happier note - those poor souls who were so tragically taken from us *did not die in vain.* Since the Titanic disaster, all passenger cruises are equipped with lifeboats with a seating capacity sufficient for *all* passengers.

  3. Hello Steve,

    'A Night To Remember' has been re-realesed to be shown in the cinema again, watch out for it. The best factual film to be made about Titanic.

    Yes, it was scandalous about the number of lifeboats on Titanic, but there was no regulation at the time specifying how many lifeboats a ship should have.
    The disater is all 'if's' if there had been enough lifeboats, if the lookouts in the cows nest had had a pair of binoculars, if Titanic had not been doing 21 knotts at the time when ice had been reported, if Titanic had hit the iceberg head on, if the ship had been stopped there and then water would not have been forced into the ship by her forward motion, and then might have survived a couple of more hours. And finally if the ship builders had used steel rivets and not iron ones, steel rivets would have been stronger. Oh yes, and if captain Smith had not been Master of Titanic......but that's another story concerning Olympic.
    But yes, at least some good came out of the disaster, and those poor souls did not die for nothing. Mind you not many of the passengers and crew of the Titanic actually drowned, it was the cold that got to them, hyperthermia.

    Be seeing you