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Friday 20 April 2012

Cartoon Capers

The Jailbird by Steve Matt.

Copyright Steve matt.


  1. Thanks for re-posting the 'Girl Who Was Death' strip, David! It's worth repeating...

    As for the 'shark' strip...I'd completely forgotten my last panel! Now it's all come back to me.

    I'm certainly keeping you busy. Please keep up the good work!

    BCNU );oB

    1. Hello Steve,

      Please keep up the good work, keep up the good work, I'm not a machine you know. I don't get spare time, we're all entitled to spare time, leisure is our right! My god, I'm a damned Prisoner of this blog! I know, why don't I resign? Ah, but what else would I do then? Sit about twiddling my thumbs, getting under the wife's feet all day. Resign, why should I resign, who said anything about resigning? I thorougly enjoy what I do, and readers appreciate my blog. I just need a little therapy and a rest like the Professor that's all, then I'll be able to work twice as hard!

      Kind Regards
      I'll be seeing you

  2. Thanks David for letting me know that at least one lovely lady is enjoying 'The Jailbird'.

    In my next email to you, I'll feature the strip that featured 'The Jailbird' in a published 'Oscar & Wild' strip!

    BCNU );oB