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Friday 20 April 2012

The Therapy Zone

The Prisoner -A Self-Questionnaire

    Favourite episode..... Arrival because it sets the scene perfectly for what is about to come. Proving that there is no escape from the village. Its frightening, because of the white membranic guardian "Rover." The beauty of the village is displayed perfectly, such is the charming, picturesque Italianate village that can be ever so quite and tranquil, its facade hiding the awful truth behind the village.
    Favourite Number 2...... No.2 of ‘The Chimes of Big Ben,’ ‘once Upon A Time’ and ‘Fall Out,’ because of the rapport he shares with No.6. The one to one ordeal between No.2 and No.6 in ‘Once Upon a Time’ is pure genius and works so well between the two men who come to like one another.
    Least favourite episode...... ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling’ because of all the holes in the plot!
    Favourite female character..... Nadia-No.8 of ‘The Chimes of Big Ben,’ Nadia has a certain sex appeal, is very attractive and a woman whom No.6 might have found himself in a relationship with. Certainly Nadia-No.8 enjoyed a certain relationship during their time in the village. Yet in the end Nadia was a plant, who actively betrayed No.6, which does not turn me away from this character.
    Least favourite female character...... Where do I begin? No.240-the observer in ‘Dance of the Dead,’ the doctor-No.22 in ‘Checkmate’.... that's two!
    Favourite male character....... To say the Prisoner would be too easy, so I’ll plump the Watchmaker-No.51.
   Least Favourite male character....... the doctor No.40 of ‘Dance of the Dead.’
    A favourite scene of any three episodes........ ‘A B & C’ when No.2 realises that he has failed, and that No.6 succeeded. ‘It’s Your Funeral’ the opening scene between No.6 and No.50-Monique. ‘Hammer Into Anvil’ between No.2's assistant No.14 and No.6; "You're a troublemaker Number six. Do you know what I'd like, really like? To dust you down, I'd really enjoy it."
    Is there anyone in the village we should feel sorry for........ the Professors wife. I find the final scene of ‘The General’ when No.6 returns to the Professors house where his widow is sitting out on the veranda. At that moment the Professors widow makes for a very sad figure, and what's more she is now all alone in the village, with no one to protect her, save possibly for No.6. But perhaps in time her pain will ease, after all she is an artist and therefore may make herself useful in the village, Arts and crafts perhaps, art exhibitions maybe. One thing is certain, the Professors widow would not be allowed to leave the village!
   A defining moment of the Prisoner........ has to be the unmasking of No.1.


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