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Wednesday 18 April 2012

Our Of The Archive

   I was browsing through a number of Number Six magazines the other day, and I came across this article in issue 28 of 1991, I've got two of these Tamiya kits somewhere, one I built with my own hands, the other's still in it's box in kit form.

    I wonder if fans of the Prisoner still do this sort of thing these days?

Be seeing you


  1. I made one myself. "I know every nut, bolt and cog!" It was back in 1988, and under the bonnet I inscribed 'To mark the 21st Anniversary of The Prisoner'.

    I actually made two, as I painted the first one green and BLACK. Oops!

    Finally, I had to buy a completely different model to get my hands on a figure. I even posed 'Drake' with his arm out - as he indicates when turning into Abingdon Street!

    BCNU );oB

    1. Hello Steve,

      Yes, I've still got my Tamiya model of KAR 120C, I know every piece of plastic, every knob of glue, every dab of paint, I built it with my own hands, although it's never had a figure of the Prisoner to go with it.
      Black of course was the original colour of KAR 120C.


  2. ...for the 'KAR 120C' number plate, I simply photocopied a picture of THE Lotus 7 (twice) and pasted cut outs on the front and rear.