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Thursday 12 April 2012

Thought For The Day

    The man with no name rejects the town of Harmony, in much the same way as the Prisoner rejects the
“Well stranger, fancy living in Harmony?”
The man with no mane “not my kind of town”
“It’s a good town.”
The man with no name “enjoy it”
“Oh just do as the Judge say’s, he’ll look after you.”
The man with no name “I’ll look after myself.”
“It’s a good town.”
The man with no name “keep it”
Mexican “oh you don’t like our town eh, you insult us, are we going to let him do this?”
And with that the town’s people turn on the man with no name who is duly arrested and taken to the jailhouse
and placed under protective custody, locked in a jail cell! The Prisoner was turned upon by citizens of the
Village for being unmutual, now the town’s people have turned upon him for not living in Harmony!


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