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Wednesday 18 April 2012

What’s That Pat McGoohan Up To?

   Pat McGoohan seen here with director Peter Graham Scott, and Madam Professor - actress Betty McDowell. Pat looks as though he's just thought of something doesn't he.
    Betty "What's the matter Patrick, you look as though you've come out and left the gas on!"
    "Don't tell me Pat, you've just had another brilliant idea! Well let me tell you Pat McGoohan, the film crew are still reeling from your absolutely brilliant idea of having a small electrical current running through the General to give the scene that little hint of zest. Peter and John are still recovering from the shock!"
    McGoohan "It's not my fault."
    Peter Grahan Scott "It's your signature on the work permit."
    "Work permit?"
    "The one instructing the electricians to wire the General up to the mains!"
    Betty McDowell "Really Patrick. You should treat people with more care and respect, and they will react accordingly."
    McGoohan "I have to maintain discipline!"
    Betty "Discipline! What had poor Peter done to deserve such a shock?"
   McGoohan "Nothing, he's a gentleman."
   Betty "Well then."
   McGoohan "But I needed Peter to give something extra to the final scene....."
   Peter "His life?"
   McGoohan "For his art!"


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