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Saturday 14 April 2012

Caught On camera

A sad image, taken from 'Hammer Into Anvil' on the day Number Two told the Butler to get out of his house. I wonder if this scene was a repeat performance? In that I mean when Mrs Butterworth arrived in the Village bringing her housemaid with her - Martha. I'm sure that Martha wouldn't want to have had her mistress served by anyone else, let along a dwarf.
I felt sorry for the Butler, he had served each new Number Two without question. I suppose if there is a saving thought for the Butler it is there will be a new Number Two in the Village soon, and then he'll be given his position back.


  1. I've known people to cry during this scene!

    Funny you should mention Martha. I was just talking about her 'twin sister' No36 over at 'This week I am mostly watching...'

  2. Hello Steve,

    Oh I like that, the idea that Martha and Number Thirty-six are twin sisters. I'd not thought of that possibility, especially when there are so many 'twins' in the Village.