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Saturday 14 April 2012

The Therapy Zone

Appreciation Day

    This was a very special day, the day when we show our appreciation of those who govern us so wisely. A "Top Hat" administrative official gave an opening speech to those all gathered in the piazza below the Gloriette balcony. Speeches from both the retiring Number 2 who had a haggard look, and his heir presumptive, the new Number 2 who looked nervous and edgy. The retiring Number 2 who has brought to the village the new mural in the library. The electrification of the clocks, the clock golf, and the new "Blue Zone" in the post followed.
    As the speeches progressed, there seemed to be something in the air, an undertone you could call it, as though something was about to happen, something which only a few were privy to. This reporter did observe Number 6 and the Watchmakers daughter Number 50 One running off suddenly in the direction of the Bell tower.  
    Later I learned that they had confronted the little Watchmaker, and retrieved a device from him. Exactly what that device was is unknown. But whatever it was Number 6 was brutally attacked by Number 100 on the lawn by the Bell Tower who tried to retrieve the device, but was subdued for his pains, knocked unconscious by Number 6, who then dashed off back onto the Gloriette balcony just as the proceedings of the Appreciation Day ceremony were coming to a close.
   There was much self-congratulating by those on the balcony, the new Number 2 with the great seal of office draped about his neck and shoulders. It was then observed that Number 6 handed the device has was holding to the retired Number 2, who then keenly sprinted away, down the hill towards the old peoples home. My photographic colleague followed, trying to get a photograph, but he was too late. As the retired Number Two quickly clamoured aboard the waiting helicopter which then took off carrying its passenger away from the village.
    While this was happening I observed the new Number 2 trying to take off the great seal of office, with Number Six hindering him from doing so. There seemed to be a threatening manner about Number Six in his attitude to the new Number Two who didn't look at all happy. But then a surprised look came over his face, as he looked up in the sky, putting his spectacles back on, he observed, like I, the helicopter carrying away the retired Number 2, turning back towards the village!!!
    What it was that had happened on that Appreciation Day remains a mystery. I have asked questions, interviewed the new Number 2 who remained tight lipped about it all. Number 6, who I feel was at the very centre of what was going on, gave but a brief statement. "All I can say is, that I hope that the new Number Two looks forward to his own retirement. And I'm sure they will find something equally fitting when that day comes." I asked what Number Six had meant by something "equally fitting," but he would not be pushed on the matter. He was also very protective of the watchmakers daughter, the watchmaker having been hospitalised for a few days after the shenanigans of Appreciation Day.

Reporter: No.113

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