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Saturday 14 April 2012

Village Life!

    Kiosk holder "Look lady I told you I'm not allowed to sell cigarettes!"
   Number 36 "But you've always sold them before."
   "Yes, but there's a new law which states I cannot have cigarettes on display. Yes, what do you want?"
   Number 6 "Twenty Senior Service."
   "Look I was just telling this lady that I don't sell cigarettes any more."
   "Not even in plain packaging?"
   "Not even from under the counter?"
   "Are you looking for trouble?"
   Number 36 "Look I can't go a whole day without my cigarettes!"
   "I'm sorry lady, but displaying ciagarettes, even in plain packaging only encourages smoking in the young, it's been scientifically worked out."
   "But I've been smoking for years."
   "Then you should have known better. What you again?"
   Number 6 "Twenty Senior Service please."
   "I know you're a smoker, can't miss your nicotine stained fingers!"
   "Look, I don't care what the packet looks like, whether or not it comes in pretty colours, whether they're Players, Benson and Hedges, Cravan 'A', Rothchilds, Carlton, Dunnhill, Woodbimes, Park Drive, filter tipped, cork tipped. No.6, No.10, comes with cigarette cards, tokens, or Green shield stamps."
   Kiosk holder "Alright, alright here, twenty Senior Service, anything else?"
   "A box of matches please."



  1. "Very punny David!"

    Fortunately, No6 failed to recognise No36 when she answered the door to his home in 'Many Happy Returns'!

    BCNU. );oB

  2. Hi Steve,

    Yes, I like that, you and I think alike at times, outside the box.

    Regards as always

  3. Hello

    There is no reason for No.6 to not be sympathetic to No.36. He met her as 'the maid' fist then as a fellow prisoner. This would be consistent with No.6 profile.

    Also No.6 does not like bullies.


  4. Hello Anonymous,

    A good observation. One would have thought that life in the Village would have knocked the stuffing out of Martha, but she's as bullish as ever!


  5. The actor Arthur White (who played the stall holder in this scene) was a great fan of 'Danger Man' and was in awe of Patrick McGoohan.

    He claimed he was extremely nervous whilst filming his one scene but it doesn't show.

    Conclusion? An extremely good actor!

    BCNU );oB

  6. Hi Steve,

    And Arther White was also in 'Crossroads, ' and in later years 'Frost,' with his brother David Jason.